“Corona Daze” A Pandemic’s Journal.1

8 min readMar 27, 2020

In order of appearance, here are 2020’s uninvited guests.

Fire. Australia is burning up.

Insects. Locusts are swarming Africa. F***ing locusts.

Plague. Wuhan can’t breathe… An alarming virus has surfaced, filling lungs and killing quickly.

Initial explanation: Open air market + chemical warfare lab within miles of each other?

What??? This sounds like a #bioweapon.

It is only January. This is looking to be a set-up of biblical proportions.

Death of a loved one. Unexpected and devastating all of us who loved him. A huge loss.

Obsessed now with the path of this Wuhan Virus, that is walking, driving, flying and sailing out of Wuhan without restraint.

Watching Chinese reporting. The rate of infection is not statistically probable. Questions.

Stories emerging from some Chinese… saying not thousands, but actually millions of people in Wuhan are dead. Shocking numbers. Reports of crematoriums operating 24/7. Satellite images seem to confirm this.

Beginning to feel fear…

Reinforce my decision NEVER TO GET ON A CRUISE SHIP.

Who would do this?

The crying begins in earnest…

The World Health Organization won’t call it a Pandemic. Yet.

Videos of Chinese citizens falling down dead in the streets. This is unreal.

Constant Twitter following… #Coronavirus. It is barely February.

More videos of the Chinese people being boarded up in their houses. Wuhan looks to be imprisoned by its own government.

Having trouble sleeping. Phone is on 24/7, pinned on Twitter.

Major purchases of vitamins, mushrooms, immune system supplements, canned food, liquor, cleaning supplies and toilet paper. It is still February, but later now.

Road trip, within our state, to visit family. Washed hands. A lot. Stayed in all weekend. Stopped checking Twitter for two days. It was wonderful.

Return home and the Twitter obsession continues. #Coronavirus. #Covid19. New names and voices emerge. Can’t sleep at all.

Obsessively taking vitamin C and Chaga mushroom.

It is early March. China has shut down WeChat, so there are no more alarming videos.

We must guess about the truth in Wuhan… And pray.

The focus changes now, to other emerging case levels in Europe. Italy, Iran, Spain…

We quit out-of-the-house activities that require social contact with groups.

Family visit, here this time. We’d just found out there was a case of #Coronavirus confirmed just 2.5 miles away. Washed our hands. A lot. We did go out to dinner though. That would be the last time we were able to in the foreseeable future.

Found out there is a website that shows numbers of cases worldwide.

On March 9th there were 550 cases in the USA.

I am still staring at my phone. Watching Italy erupt and dissolve before our eyes…

Social distancing begins to be a thing here now in Illinois.

A family birthday dinner was held over skype between 3 households. This virus has instantly gotten very real. We laughed and joked and kept it light. After 1.5 hours, we all signed off. It was weird. There were no hugs. We agree to keep closer in touch now.

On March 15th there were 3499 cases in the USA.

My family finds out, that someone who attended a concert in which one of us performed last month, has tested positive for COVID19. We start looking at the calendar to see if the danger has passed. It seems unlikely that there could be infection at this point. We are tentatively relieved and wash down a few extra Vitamin C tablets.

My partner and I work from home and are still able to. The house is spotless and germ free.

One of our children works in the food industry and is right now on unemployment.

Three others are able to work from home, at least for now, at some level. One of them manages a gym, and he sees the writing on the wall, yet scrambles to restructure and hopefully save the gym as a necessary community resource. Another one provides a vital community service as a manager and technician, so is still employed out of the house. But he has 2 co-workers who are ill, having returned from a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada before that city shut down. So, there are doubts and worries for him there.

A family wedding shower, scheduled for the end of March, is cancelled. It is unknown if the wedding, scheduled for May, will happen at all.

It is quiet outside. Our home is near an elementary school. Typically, there are families and children running back and forth to the playground there. This street is barren now.

The shock is morphing into reality as Illinois shuts down.

At this point, we had begun removing cash from our savings account as the interest rate approaches 0% and we are unsure whether or not the banks will fail. On 3.17.2020, the ATM at our local credit union was out of cash. It was late morning. We were not given any information as to why. Later that night, it was functioning again. We continue making withdrawals, not huge ones, but regularly. Just in case.

Multiple videos of Hollywood types, looking pretty rough around the edges, surface this week, with bizarre references and questionable performances. Words like “fried fish” (Fe Fe) enter the lexicon. There are a great many images and references to roses.

Multiple government officials go missing or “self-quarantine”.

On March 22nd there were 35,211 cases in the USA.

That’s about 10X the number of cases from a week earlier. It is doubling about every 2 days now, here in the USA. Knowing this is due to testing finally being available doesn’t stave off the alarm it raises for us.

It is our anniversary. We have a nice meal delivered to celebrate. The driver leaves it on the front step, not even knocking on the door to tell us. He did text us when he did this, but we missed his text. It is like 28 degrees out and he leaves it almost 30 minutes before we expected it, so by the time we notice it, it is dead cold. Happy Anniversary in a new world. We are all adjusting to this new unsocial way of being human.

I begin reaching out to a few friends each day, checking in, saying hello, seeing if they need anything. Quarantine becomes the norm. Any sort of human contact is appreciated.

On March 24th, 2020 1/3 of the planet, or 2.5 billion humans were in some form of lock-down.

On March 26th, 2020, my partner, who had been working from home since January, was laid off “until further notice”.

Here are my conclusions/understandings as of today, as I peek out from this “Corona Daze”

There is a Q group who swear that “Patriots are in control”, and that we must “Trust the Plan”, as if “they” perhaps were not caught off guard by this virus and may even have set it off in the first place. There are reports of it (the virus) having infected the stocks of adrenochrome, and thereby poisoning the global elite. According to this belief system, they, right now, work undercover of “health protection” to arrest those responsible for the enslavement of a planet. We need to trust all military operations by our governments to let this happen, according to this theory.

There is an “Event” or “Rapture” or “End of Days” group who swear that we will be quickly saved by God or Source or non-earth ships of beings, or an Ascension process, and therefore should not be worried. It is all in the plan that God or Source has for us, and we will ultimately be saved, even ascended. Or not, as God sees fit. This is their story.

There is a final group, and I am not sure what label this falls under, who either swear it’s all a hoax or else are terrified that it is completely real. Any day now, we’ll find out who did this and why. They are not worrying, prepping, praying or else, they are doing all of these things. They are either ignoring Covid19 or placing fault for this virus on some identifiable “other”. They appear to be mostly inconvenienced by it. Their story includes a great deal of pointing.

Here is my opinion. It is worth as much as anyone else’s, as this is “novel” for us all. You should know that my experience includes telepathy with non-humans, a good deal of research, and non-stop Twitter following. What fuels it though, is a deep trust in the outcome as well as a deep well of love for humanity and all of creation. It is here that I will stay throughout the length of this “Corona Daze” series.

“Corona Daze” because for so many Days now our lives have been invaded with Corona and today, I come to these pages Dazed. As, I imagine, are you. Our lives are forever altered.

Here is what I believe.

The virus was always in the back pocket of Earth’s controllers. They are not human.

It was unleashed intentionally, and is in fact, a #bioweapon. It was unleashed by a human (someone a bit further down the layers of management than the controllers) who was following orders, carrying out a script from a well-planned playbook.

As such, it should be taken seriously, by all of us. It commands our respect and attention. It is not a hoax, although this media circus very much is.

It has united humanity like nothing was able to.

We will find a method to heal from it. We will all be infected. It is upon us to strengthen our bodies and our resolve. It will be around for years.

There is military intelligence, known to us as Q. They continue to remove the world’s elite to free the planet. They were taken by surprise with the emergence of Covid19, as were most of the world’s governments. But it has not stopped them, and will not stop their efforts. They are human and as such, not infallible. They should not be given cart blanche to restrain or contain us with military force, and we need to pay attention here.

Some of our government leaders are in favor of this removal, aware of Q, and attempting to cooperate with the process. It is a covert and gradual effort.

Others, are not in favor and in fact, have been promoting/propping up the global elite, being paid handsomely to do so. These politicians and actors sit on both sides of party lines. Their efforts now intensify and are not focused on truth or the people they work for or live amongst. They are scared now, as the rest of us are, but for entirely different reasons than you and I are.

There is a greater plan; an over-arching narrative that will not let humanity be destroyed. In that plan is “free will”. This is God’s plan. At its core is a deep love for creation, for humanity and for Gaia.

That “free will” component is how we got to where we are now. It is not JUST any one of us, or JUST any single group of us that decides earth’s movements. It is ALL OF US.

Our collective choice is to free ourselves. There ARE non-human groups ready to assist, and they are waiting to see us come together first, with one voice and a single motive.

In order to initiate assistance, we just have to stop quarreling. Enough with the pointing.

In order to get help, we will have to come together and agree on purpose.

In order to increase the rate at which we beat this pandemic and remove the world’s controllers once and for all, we must begin to speak with one voice.

Once that voice is heard, the universe will step in and then my friends, just watch. There will be miracles and magic the likes of which none of us have imagined. This is what we are heading towards. It is not that far off, but the road there is fraught with challenges.

I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe in love.





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