“Corona-Daze” A Pandemic’s Journal.11

6 min readJul 8, 2020
Australia Public Housing Boarded up — Food delivery

Expressing the full flavor of what churns within is not possible. So, there will be morsels offered here. Perhaps they will entice you to take it all in and in turn, share. For together we appreciate these items on 2020’s menu, and collectively we add our unique flavor, re-mixing the ingredients and re-imagining our banquet. What a feast it is.

Despite the assorted “rules” prohibiting them, there were fireworks everywhere in the USA last weekend. LA county looked like this: (click here) Our neighborhood was lit up all night, which we’ve never seen. Our cat was beside himself. My friends were recording a video from the East Coast USA and it was the same party going on there, loud and clear and constant. Lots of the citizens in this country were in a celebratory mood this Independence Day.

Unless they weren’t. I spoke to one person who found all of this celebrating as “troubling”, considering the situation in the country right now. That comment is what has inspired this post.

There are at least two ways to view what is happening right now. One way takes in the surface situation only, and thus registers alarm. There is a Pandemic going on. Businesses are shuttered. Unemployed citizens anxiously await the next decision about additional unemployment benefits and government checks, which have been keeping families fed while the crisis continues, but is currently scheduled to stop before August first. There are protests and there is violence. There are increasing numbers of suicides, as well as domestic violence and child abuse cases. The sitting President is under attack by half of the government representatives, as well as media. The populace is arguing and feeling unheard, lashing out on social media where their thoughts are expressed and for a nano-second, stand unopposed. We are praying more, drinking more, smoking more, and fighting more. We are getting restless.

The other way is to look beneath the surface. This way does not ignore the surface, but rather regards it as a symptom or result of the real problem, and not the problem itself. It is from here that the remainder of this post springs. There is no right way, there is no wrong way, there is only your way. These are extraordinary times.

To be absolutely clear, this post favors the second view described above. Here’s a few of the reasons for that. There is the fact that Australia has put over 3,000 of its citizens under house arrest since last Saturday, 2020/7/4, without warning or suitable explanation. (click here) There is a method of “no-touch” torture, as described in torture literature reported by the US Military some years ago, researched and compared with the conflicting narrative we are hearing on this virus. (click here)

Other contributions are found on this page of my website: (click here) On it, you’ll find a bioweapons manual from the 1960s military. It is a pdf. It’s been there for months. Yesterday, while working on the website, I realized that the link for the pdf. had been removed, and not by me. It is back on there now, yet it is worth mentioning that the host for the website is Weebly, which was recently bought by Google.

These extreme tactics make no logical sense. Not if what you are doing is meant to enrich and support the life of citizens. None of these tactics do that. That is clear.

There was a biological weapon released on humanity last year. Until that fact is publicly known there cannot be an honest discussion about the world’s response. There is a group responsible for this release. Until that fact is publicly known there cannot be an honest report about the response to this virus. There are multiple players, institutions, and organizations, including those in mainstream and social media, actively covering up the group responsible. Until that fact is publicly known there will not be an honest press release given.

Beneath all of the rhetoric there are humans. That would be us. I am a mom. I can tell you what I’d do if one of my children were facing a similar situation. In this example, consider the idea that as a mom, it is my job to take care of my children so that they will thrive. It is not the government’s job to take care of us, but rather, we pay them to support our ability to thrive in the country where we live. This is a finely nuanced and very real difference. It is one of the foundations of the republic.

The first thing I’d do if my child was struck or in danger of catching a potentially lethal illness, is shore up their body with good food, vitamins and exercise. Next there would be research into where this “threat” was hiding, and precisely how much of danger it was. There would be lots of research. Special attention would be paid to the emotional health of my child. Activities would be adjusted for the all-around well-being of my child. Things like friends and relaxation and play would top the list of necessities.

“Don’t watch what I do, hear what I say” is the new socially constructed method of communication. This, which is an entirely other conversation, has at least some of its origins in social media. People are not looking to develop a strong backbone or a more compassionate standard of behavior anymore; they are looking for likes and shares. It is insane and drives commercial and personal media into gradually deeper states of manipulation and defensive postures. A part of ourselves takes a step back when immersed in these digital dialogues, a sort of relentless push to be right takes over and in the end, humanity loses and is no where to be seen.

Turn it around, (meaning watch what is being done without listening to what is being said), and what you are witnessing is a string of behaviors that illustrate everything but “support so that the citizenry is able to thrive.” These behaviors are inciting fear and violence and confusion and anguish and stress and physical weakness; all characteristics that support illness and dependency. It is well known the benefit of exercise and sunshine. It is documented the strength of physical health as correlated to emotional health. What is fascinating is that the non-stop media monopoly has nothing to say about these things, all the while “pretending” to be taking care of its citizens with its urgent shouts of fear and panic. It is not the media’s job to take care of its listeners. They are there to report the news, and right now they are accomplishing neither.

To repeat, it is not the job of government to take care of its citizens either. It is the job of government, and one that we pay them for, to put in place programs that support our ability to thrive in the country. Whether or not we do that, and to what extent, after that point, is up to us. Children depend on parents to take care of them only until they can take care of themselves. That is typically considered “legal” age, and happens at around 21 years. This, by the way, has been extended due to schooling, which is another story.

So, if you were not in a celebratory mood last weekend, consider an idea that more is going on than you are being told, and look beneath the headlines. What you discover may surprise you and even excite you. The world is changing, and that is a good thing. The release of this virus was not the first or last method used here, yet it has exposed them all. We cannot heal what we do not know exists. The problem is not just the virus, it is the group that released it. As other “problems” emerge in the headlines, we’ll eventually discover the identity of that group. Only then will we know the source of the issue, and what we must do to shore ourselves up so that this never happens here on earth again.

I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe in love.





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