“Corona-daze” — A Pandemic’s Journal.16

3 min readOct 7, 2020

When the last journal entry was published, on September 30th, it was prior to the US President being diagnosed with the virus and subsequently hospitalized. That was 7 days ago. He’s now back at the White House and reporting that he feels better than he has in 20 years. He is saying do not be afraid of this virus. His speedy recovery adds weight to that statement.

Yet, there are media reports from some outlets and/or countries shouting the opposite; “be afraid, be very afraid”. Here’s an interesting report concerning announcements in the UK (click here), and what they seem to signify. Here’s an opinion piece, which includes purportedly factual data, wondering about the discrepancy (click here). There are more. I’m sure you’ve seen some of them.

Yet this post today concerns itself not with these inconsistencies and arguments, but with those internal. Here, inside; this is the place you can ultimately trust. You will have to drown out the media to find what you are saying. You will have to live your own truth; everyone else’s is already taken.

We are in the midst of a disintegrating social system, and as last week’s article, as well as the documentary “Social Dilemma” has discussed, what you know about this process is informed by your own personal news feed. Our only chance now to combat these warring voices, and catch our breath, is to hear our inner narrative. You’ll have to give it room and some quiet in order to listen.

It is ultimately up to you to determine what is valuable and what is true for you, what you believe in and what you expect, and then, what you intend. All of these things will form the life you live.

This life won’t be framed by Democrats or Republicans or bloggers or independent journalists or mainstream media. It will be outlined by your own beliefs. It will be filled in with your expectations. It will then, be displayed wherever you intend it to show up. You’ll see it every day and recognize it everywhere you look. That’s how creation, and life, works.

Today, in a more obvious way than perhaps any other time in our history, due to social media, we are consciously building our own life. It is not being created by an outside “other”. We can support our favorite causes or leaders and work for what we feel is valuable, yet ultimately our power extends only to our individual and unique life; that one we are living right now.

Fill it in with fully formed ideas of what you expect and actually believe in. Intend the life you most desire and among all of this insanity, that is what will show up. Keep your eyes open. Visualize love and imagine prosperity and feel peace. It starts with belief, races with expectation and crosses the finish line at intention.

This time is like no other and we are in the midst of it, not at the end of it. Hang in there. The crayons are in our hands now. Let’s use them.

I believe in you. I believe us. I believe in love.





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