“Corona-Daze” — A Pandemic’s Journal.17 & End.

So, I want to write about the virus one more time, and this blog will end once I do. Not that the virus has been eradicated, but rather that any helpful input has. As winter approaches, accompanied this year with the much prophesied “second wave”, a conclusion of sorts has been reached by this writer.

What informs this opinion piece? This doctor’s warning regarding vaccines (click here). As well as this (click here) from Principia Scientific International; “Even the CDC now admits no ‘gold standard’ of Covid19 Virus Isolate. For the supporting CDC document, click here, and read page 39 “Analytical Performance”. This Collective Evolution article (click here) was one of the more balanced and refreshing positions, and so very welcome. This Spectator article was enlightening as well (click here); “The ten worst Covid data failures”. And this one may have been shared earlier, yet it bears repeating (click here); “CDC says that 94% of all Covid-19 deaths had underlying medical conditions”.

There are others. Yet the picture has been drawn with these links and photos, as well as a personal conclusion. This writer is done having her opinion skewed by newly emerging and conflicting data. She’s gone from terrified to denial to anger to personal authority.

This virus is not separate from our awakening. It is enmeshed deep within it; its inroads weaving in and out of our individual awareness and confrontations with global conversation and self-talk. Through all of that, and as we approach the close of 2020, we come face to face with ourselves. It is, as it was always intended to be, a full circle journey and one that is inescapable. For you. For me. For us.

What follows are this writer’s conclusions and opinions.

The virus was and is being used as a weapon. It was and is quite convenient in its timing, that being an election year (in the USA) and all. The non-stop warnings from the main stream media have been and are today, nothing more than tools of manipulation, meant to shutter and weaken a populace. They are aimed at the young and/or the easily swayed. They are scripted shows meant to inspire fear and subservience.

It was part of an ingenious plan, one of the very last plays of the “powers that were”. It has failed. They did not win this time. Their rule is ending. Now. We will not be silenced, shuttered or rendered unable to think for ourselves. Virus’s run through humanity each year; the weakened ones succumb to them as they always have. We are mortal and death is a fact of life.

What has been learned with this current virus are soundbites of helpful immune system and, dare I say, Life supporting data: Wash your hands. Take Vitamin D. Wash your hands again. Take Vitamin C. Supplement your diet with sunshine, exercise (and chaga mushroom). Wash your hands. Cherish your loved ones. Cherish your freedom. Pray. Walk. Support your neighbor and those who work to lift up your community. Pray some more. Laugh whenever you get the chance. Meditate. Reduce your time on social media. Increase your time outside. Question those who consider themselves to be “authority”. Research. Love until your heart is full.

What this writer has concluded is that she is leaving fear out of her decisions for life. That’s it. A simple choice that effects every step taken. We must each act from our own point of Source. It is there where our power lies; where our evolution breathes — where we begin.

You cannot rule an entire race, although you can try. If there is one take away from this “Corona-daze” fiasco it is this — I am no longer able to be dazed by numbers or stilled by promises of protection. I am increasingly able to discern what action or announcement for my “best interests” actually feels like. It feels in harmony with who I am, not in opposition to my core truth. It feels like love, not fear. It flows through me and collaborates with all that I deem good. This is where I am meant to be, and where I will be spending the bulk of my time from now on.

We are witnessing the end of polarity, played out on our world’s stage as well as in our kitchens. Hang in there. There promises to be a great finish and one for the history books. We would write this no other way.

I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe in love.




I write books, blogs, newsletters and videos about self-love, sovereignty, off-world contact & truth. https://www.sophialove.org/

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I write books, blogs, newsletters and videos about self-love, sovereignty, off-world contact & truth. https://www.sophialove.org/