“Corona Daze” a Pandemic’s Journal.3

I’m wondering if I combed my hair today. I know I showered. But the hair thing is not quite so clear.

The numbers in the USA on Sunday night, 4/5/2020, were: 337,274 cases. This # is not doubling at quite the rate it had been the week prior, before the country got serious about “social distancing”. This sounds like an oxymoron. Oxymoron: “a figure of speech in which two opposite ideas are joined to create an effect.

Although there is some “social” going on behind cloth masks, big red “stand here” circles, gloved hands and plastic sheets, it feels more heavily weighed on the “distancing” side of the phrase. There is eye contact and it is sincere, but it is also brief, leaving behind it a faint residue of hollow…

On Friday the CDC suggested donning a mask when leaving the house. We briefly looked online and there were plenty of bandanas and hair ties at the time. Foolishly deciding to get some the next day, Saturday, we are now on a back-ordered wait list for a pair of desperado bandanas and a package of pretty hideous hair ties. We should be properly outfitted by May. The whole world will be outlaws, as medical masks are NOT available. We found ours under “Halloween costumes”.

Things are coming out of the news media that frighten me as much as this #bioweapon COVID19. There is Vote by Mail, which sounds like a terrible idea if you are looking for a secure process of ONE VOTE for ONE CITIZEN.

One year I decided to try “early voting” in my precinct. I stood in line at the library, and when I reached the table, I began to remove my driver’s license. The attendant said “Oh no, we don’t need that.” I said “You don’t?” “No. Just please take a place in line for the machine.” I said “I’d like to show you my license anyway.” He thought I was nuts, but looked at it. I then said “I’d like a paper ballot”. He said “We don’t have any.” I said, again, “You don’t?” He said, again, “No.” So I left. Electronic voting machines are too easily altered for my taste. And vote by mail? Who is watching that scenario?

Then there are mandatory vaccinations, being suggested, potentially with chips inserted in them to identify you as “safe”, and to regulate your movements. These things are pushed by millionaires and a great deal of money. Just a bit of research will illuminate for you the astronomical rise in the sheer number of vaccinations given to children today. This is big business, and we haven’t been watching. Thankfully, some of us are.

What alarms me about these things is that I suspect your response to them may be determined by politics rather than reasonable, skeptical inquiry. We have become lulled to sleep by over the top political agendas, and are too stressed and tired and broke to do much more than hang on with clutched hands to the homes, jobs and families we hold dear.

I noticed I’ve stopped wearing earrings. I think that the bandana mask, when it arrives, will cover my ears and most of my face anyway.

I did venture out for groceries on Monday. Here is the text I sent to my adult son. We had been speaking on the phone, in muffled voices due to his t-shirt mask and my hair-band mask, both of us with plenty of time, since we were standing in very long grocery store lines…”It was an Orwellian scene leaving Costco: a guy with a bullhorn telling people in loopy long lines, all of them wearing masks, about proper social distancing. He was standing on a crate.”

On Friday evening, 4/3/2020, people took pictures of their television screens, which showed the same message, regardless of program. It was in white letters, in the top right corner of the screen: “WE ARE HERE WITH YOU.” I saw dozens of photos, taken by folks all over the country. I have seen no explanation for these messages, only reports from regular folk. I wonder what we’ll see this Friday. Twitter is my current go-to and trusted news source, and where I saw the pictures Saturday morning.

Some things I’ve stopped. I’ve stopped checking the presidential press briefing every day. I’ve stopped painting my nails. Both happen randomly and have not diminished in importance. At least not to me. I just notice their absence. I wonder when they’ll return.

On April 7th I learned about the Atlas Comet. Yet another harbinger of these end times. More recent reports now say the comet is breaking up, and that the earlier reports of what we’ll see may not be fulfilled. We’ll all see, soon enough, as it is supposed to show up to our naked eyes in about a month. That is, if we are allowed outside to see it.

On April 8th Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Presidential campaign. I don’t even know how to respond. Adult men that I love cried when they heard.

I’m beginning to regret signing up for announcements regarding the virus for this county. There is never a “good” announcement. I may unsubscribe.

Three weeks into this journal and I find myself glad for a place to record this deconstruction of my regular life. It is something else to do. Something to keep track of. It offers a semblance of order to my week. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.

We face the end of our old life. There are one-year old children in my family who will never experience life as we knew it. They will not remember life any other way, and are too young now to realize the change that happens for them too. They will have to be told, when they are older. I wonder what we’ll tell them.

I believe we are about to see more revelations and disclosures and disruptions. Perhaps our screens will carry more messages for us. I believe we have all chosen to be here for this, and that one day, we’ll look back and realize what happened here.

Today, we are creating it. We are doing that quietly and I suspect, with a great deal of passion. There is nothing quite so precious as something you’ve lost. Some things are worth fighting for.

I’ll close today with a quote:

The people will believe what the media tells them they believe.

George Orwell

I no longer believe the media. I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe in love.




I write books, blogs, newsletters and videos about self-love, sovereignty, off-world contact & truth. https://www.sophialove.org/

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I write books, blogs, newsletters and videos about self-love, sovereignty, off-world contact & truth. https://www.sophialove.org/