Humanity’s Opus

5 min readApr 19, 2022


I want to tell you that you are here for a purpose, and, since you are reading these words, you are not done with it.

You are still very much needed.

The way that you decide to complete your purpose is distinctly yours. What matters is you. The whole idea that got you where you are today? It is yours, just one of your many potential paths to love.

It’s all love you know. Every bit of it.

There is this notion going around right now. It says that if you lie or cheat or say unkind things that you are on the “bad” list. Everyone does those things, you know. They don’t put you on any list except the human one.

Perfection is not the end game here. The end game is actualization, realization and acceptance. Acceptance of the truth. The truth of you.

This is not to say that lying, cheating or being mean will make you many friends. It won’t. Yet these actions don’t send you to hell either, regardless of what they told you in grade school. If there is a hell, what will send you there is oh so much darker and destructive, and that too, is driven by choice.

You see, we are freeing ourselves, and some of us are choosing to do that in ways that seem counter-intuitive. Some of us are playing the role of darkness. This, so that others of us can play the role of light.

Who is who can sometimes be tough to parcel out, yet that is where the real juicy stuff happens. The human stuff; name calling, polarizing, accusing and judging. That’s where all the action is. It’s where we learn and grow and get stuck. It’s what makes humanity so darn fun.

Because it is fun, you know. Although this is a really rough patch, there is no place more emotionally rich and passionately vibrant. Earth is creation’s playground, and we, all of us humans, have always held the artist’s brushes here. We just didn’t know it.

We’ve collectively gathered to create our opus, and all of us will contribute to its brilliance. That is why it is taking so long. We have to sort out who paints which section with what color. It’s sort of a mess right now, because we’re having so much fun trying out each shade and paintbrush.

One of the more important components in a work of art is shading; shadow and light. These components give the piece depth and realism. Both black and white are necessary; darkness and brilliance.

Some of us chose the really dark portions. Others of us didn’t. This means a few things. Now that we are consciously and collectively contributing to this work, it is up to us to create this piece with just as much brightness as we choose. We no longer have anyone holding us back or deciding for us by attempting to dim our light.

Up until now, the earth has held a hidden and devastating amount of darkness. This means, now that we’re aware of that truth, that its time to replace that dark. Replace it with light. Our light. Your purpose will have something to do with that.

Before we can replace it, we’ll have to identify it; identify the darkest part. This is what this post is about. Identifying the dark. It is not something you’ll want to do, and not something most people will really want to witness. It’s so dark that you may fear getting lost in there and being unable to get out. Yet there is a way, and it is worth the effort.

The dark is not someone holding a different opinion than yours or belonging to an opposing political party or someone who is rude. The dark is not someone who is richer than you, or a specific skin color. The dark is the opposite of light, period. Dark is defined as “being less light in color than other substances of the same kind”.

Did you read that last part? “Of the same kind”. The dark, who are very much here now and seemingly in abundance, are “of the same kind” as you. Human, but with less light.

They chose to be dark, so that we’d notice our light. This is what is necessary for us to complete our opus. Real contrast, a display of polarization, good versus evil, dark to light. They (the dark ones) are so entrenched in destruction, destruction of life, that it blocked their light. They have to be stopped. In order to stop them, they have to be seen. Seen and identified visibly.

Let’s be clear. Many of us have not seen the real darkest of the dark here. We seem to be confused about what it looks like. It doesn’t look like the things discussed in the previous paragraphs. It looks like anyone who benefits or participates in child or human trafficking, satanism, cannibalism, or pedophilia. These are the dark ones and their actions have to be exposed and stopped. Period.

This darkness, once it is brought out, seen and eradicated, will complete our opus. Once our opus is complete, we can move on.

This will go so much more quickly if we stop pointing fingers, and save all of that energy for creating our work. These opinions are mere distractions. We are wasting time pointing at and name calling “enemies” who are not really enemies, all the while not looking at the real dark ones; not seeing the actual darkness. There is so much for us to accomplish here. We’ve got to envision it before we can make it real.

It’s fun to play the “he’s right and she’s wrong” game, yet we are very much approaching completion here, and time is of the essence. There will be plenty of fun and new human relationship activities and distractions to embroil ourselves in once our opus is complete. No worries there. Time to focus on the dark.

Spoiler alert: our opus holds all of us, many whom we don’t agree with, some who we don’t like and who may even have hurt our feelings. Our opus is us.

I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe in love.





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