Shackles — off or on?

4 min readJan 15, 2021


Handcuffs chain together two shackles; fear and control. They are interchangeable and bound. We stand at a moment of self-definition. We will not be shackled, yet until and unless we see our chains, we will not stand without them.

Clarity of vision is called for. There is no eye test for this one, folks, it is internally determined. Notice the fear and how it calls out for control in order to be quelled. Notice the control and how it locks out the possibility of freedom for either shackle/either side of the chain. Freedom, which as of late is labeled frightening rather than exhilarating.

We stand at a moment of self-definition. The world is changing, has changed and will forever be altered. It’s all true. Nothing can stop what is happening. There are things emerging next that defy any “main stream” definition. It’s time to travel another stream…

We are not one or the other, we are both; we are all. This moment did not arrive without warning. This moment did not approach solely on the backs of one color or another, one island or another, one god or another, one science or another, one political party or another. This is our collective awakening. We have brought it forth as One.

We stand at a moment of self-definition. What you look like as you stand in this moment is determined by all that you’ve lived through and come to hold as true. That is your outfit and it is the only one that fits.

This is true for all of us. President or General, Mom or Dad, Brother or Uncle, Sister or Aunt, Student or Teacher, Parent or Child, Partner or Single, Man, Woman or Nonbinary. It matters not the role you play. It matters who you are.

So, relax. This is not the beginning of the end, no. This is the END OF THE ILLUSION. This is the beginning of the true, of something yet unseen. It will feel confusing yet it need not elicit fear. Remember that fear sits at one end of the handcuffed, and at the other end sits control. No fear means no control. We are not entering an age of control, but an age of freedom. Handcuffs not required, not for you anyway.

There will be some who will be shackled, and you will be told why. It is up to you decide about that, and about what and who to believe. This is a moment of Revelation and once the shackles are removed from your wrists, you’ll more than likely see differently. It’ll feel weird, uncomfortable even, yet you can look carefully without them and decide. Decide what is true for you and what is not. This is a moment of self-definition.

You will not be told what you can say or can’t, what you must believe or must not, what you must do or mustn’t do. You will be told facts about your life, about what has actually been happening on this planet and specifically in your country, and you will then decide how to live among these Revelations. It will be up to you.

Trust. We’ve all been lied to. We’ve all been hoodwinked. It is time to let go of specific distinctions that label a person or belief less or greater than any other. Words are real and carry a frequency. The frequency has changed and we are in need of some new ones. “Yes, and…” “Also…” “As well as…”, rather than “But…” “Only…” “Right…” “Wrong.”

The truth will emerge, no worries there. You’re being offered an opportunity to choose now. What will you choose? Feel into that choice and you’ll settle in. It’ll be the only place you’ll be able to get comfortable, actually. Everyone else’s choice is already taken, you’ll have to decide on your own.

What are you choosing? This is a moment of self-determination. This is a moment of self-definition. You are choosing who you are. The ability to fake it is no longer an option.

We are in a new world. It is happening now. There are unseen truths and unknown facts about to be disclosed. “2020” offered up the opportunity to get your eyesight corrected, it did not offer the reason. 2021 holds the picture you’ll want to see absolutely clearly, the reason if you will.

So, as you look at what’s next, notice who is wearing the shackles and who is not. Fear confines. You are heading towards expansion not confinement. Freedom can be exciting, and that can mimic fear. But it is not the same. We are not under threat. We are coming out from under a threat. This was quite literal and simultaneously invisible to our eyes. Our eyes before 2020. It’s 2021 and time to open our eyes nice and wide.

This will not be easy, yet it is very clearly necessary. You are birthing a new reality and these are labor pains. Just wait until you see what comes next.

I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe in love.





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