Why I’m not afraid

6 min readJul 12, 2021


This comes from my heart. If it helps you, please pass it on. We need each other now more than we ever have.

I want to talk about fear, how it has gripped us while we were looking elsewhere and wreaked unacknowledged damage on our hearts and in our families. It is the only enemy. It is the real global catastrophe.

A friend has asked me to talk about fear. Many of you have written to warn me about volumes of different fearful topics; indeed, there is no shortage of them. With an inbox flooded, and as I attempt to remain consistently in touch with my own truth, I’d like to talk about our human journey. Specifically, the one I’m taking now, as Sophia. How it feels, what it looks like from her eyes, and why she is not afraid. Maybe this will help you to determine, as she has, that fear is not helpful. In fact, how it is just the opposite.

I am a mom, a sister, a wife, a friend and a human this time around. I began 2020 with the unexpected overnight loss of a loved one. This came on the heels of a stack of other losses from the two years prior. Then, I was captured by this “China virus”, as the whole world was, and literally could not take my eyes off of social media. I began writing about it here. There are 17 “Corona-daze” articles in total.

I also began a regular conversation with One about what it all meant. This did not turn into a series of books until June of that year. The conversations became more frequent as the situation on earth escalated. I am currently writing Volume Six.

I do not mean for this to be a rundown of what has happened here these past 18 months. We’ve lived through that part together. I mean for this to be a sharing of what it felt like. It felt terrifying. At first.

Then it got personal. When I saw my friends and loved ones begin to crumble under the stress of fear, I realized what the real enemy was. I’d seen this enemy before. I grew up with it. We each have a story to tell, of that you can be sure.

My childhood taught me a few things. One is that those of us who are the most afraid will not survive long. Another is that it is what we think that ultimately decides how things turn out. It is what we believe that lays out every potential. It is what we focus on that will increase our chances of getting it.

Once I recognized the real enemy we were facing, I refused to acknowledge it. I saw it in its many colors. I eventually wrote about that too, here.

We are not here to fight each other. We are here to love each other.

We wear human suits inside of human groups to experience life viscerally.

I could not function as a loving mom, a compassionate friend or a supportive partner, and succumb to fear. So, I did what I needed to do to get by. I said what I was asked to say. I spoke my truth with all of the love that I held and as I did so, I was clear on the outcome desired. I decided that regardless of what was decided or accomplished, it would ultimately be the highest and best for all of us involved at the time. It did not matter to me what the outcome looked like, it mattered what it felt like.

To be sure, these things and conversations included family members and sometimes doctors, friends and sometimes strangers. There were tears and sometimes yelling. But fear did not stop me. Fear did not dictate my actions. I worked daily on letting go of judgment. I do not pretend to know what is right for you or for any other. Yet I insist on the right to carry through what I believe is right for me.

What I know is that I am not just Sophia. I am a powerful instance of love and light as are you, the one who reads these words. Your pain has been felt and suffered in all of our hearts. We will pull ourselves out of this once we come together.

I have developed a keen radar for separation, for division, for false badges of special status, for fear. I see it in many news sources whom I used to favor. When “blame” and “us VS them” and “this religion VS that religion” are mentioned, I am no longer interested. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

We don’t need any more reasons to fear each other. What we need is to discover and then implement ways to love each other. That is the only answer that will sustain us.

So, I am from Illinois and I am close to Chicago; some of my family lives there now, while others travel there to work every day. Many people I know have recently purchased guns and licenses to carry. I have not.

I caught a virus earlier this year and although it wasn’t the “China virus”, it knocked me down for over a week.

I’ve seen evil and I know that it exists. I’ve seen and felt love as well. I am not saying ignore the potential of illness or violence, I am saying focus on how to overcome it when and if it shows up for you. Love is far more powerful than fear.

I’m saying don’t stick your head in the sand, yet when someone is telling you to be afraid, refuse. Stock up and do whatever else you need to do to feel prepared. Then, proceed to do what you do best. Some of us are here for support, some of us are warriors, some of us are truth tellers, all of us are light bringers. We are the light. We are the love. We are the truth. These ideas will literally save your life.

We do not need more reasons to fear. We need to love. In every case.

You will not recognize yourself once you decide to free yourself. He may be a bit gentler; she may be a bit more of a bad ass. Or vice versa. Whatever your truth, embrace it. You are ever so much more than you’ve imagined yourself to be. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Be fearless. Trust that you have whatever it takes to identify a non-truth and recognize unhelpful attitudes. These include ideas that separate us. We are One. We have been massively deceived and lied to about almost everything in our reality. This is all about to change. It is going to change in our lifetime and before our eyes. It will do so at our bidding. The sooner we hold onto courageous and self-defined, the quicker we’ll notice things change. Believe the good stuff so that it can show up and stick around.

We chose to be here specifically for this part of the journey. The reason we use maps when we travel into new territory is so that we will get to where we intend to, using the fastest route available. We will not get to free and peace without intent and belief. Stay the course. It is not over and there are a few more bumps ahead.

What it looks like now, from these eyes, is inevitable joy. What we are living through right now, will be met equally and then overcome with peace and completely saturated in love. It is promised. We are doing it. It is done.

We are One. This is our planet. We are freeing her now.

With deep appreciation for all that you are,

I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe love.





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