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We’ve made it to election day in the USA. We are up to the counting part.

Here’s why I voted the way I did. In 2016 I did not vote for either major party, feeling that the choices in either of those camps were either criminal or a joke. In 2020 it feels as if the major party choices were either criminal (again/still) or hope for something completely different. I am a sucker for hope. I even have the t-shirt. (Obama ’08).

The fact that, as a card-carrying Democrat, I’ve pretty consistently voted “Liberal”, only made this election more stressful. There were too many loose ends, too much criminality and too little hope on most of that ticket. Yet the party line is where my heart lies. What has happened is that my heart voted on all sides of available tickets, after a bit of research that included focus on what’s been done before; for every vote cast. …

“Corona-Daze” — A Pandemic’s Journal.17 & End.

So, I want to write about the virus one more time, and this blog will end once I do. Not that the virus has been eradicated, but rather that any helpful input has. As winter approaches, accompanied this year with the much prophesied “second wave”, a conclusion of sorts has been reached by this writer.

What informs this opinion piece? This doctor’s warning regarding vaccines (click here). As well as this (click here) from Principia Scientific International; “Even the CDC now admits no ‘gold standard’ of Covid19 Virus Isolate. For the supporting CDC document, click here, and read page 39 “Analytical Performance”. This Collective Evolution article (click here) was one of the more balanced and refreshing positions, and so very welcome. This Spectator article was enlightening as well (click here); “The ten worst Covid data failures”. …

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When the last journal entry was published, on September 30th, it was prior to the US President being diagnosed with the virus and subsequently hospitalized. That was 7 days ago. He’s now back at the White House and reporting that he feels better than he has in 20 years. He is saying do not be afraid of this virus. His speedy recovery adds weight to that statement.

Yet, there are media reports from some outlets and/or countries shouting the opposite; “be afraid, be very afraid”. Here’s an interesting report concerning announcements in the UK (click here), and what they seem to signify. Here’s an opinion piece, which includes purportedly factual data, wondering about the discrepancy (click here). There are more. …

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It’s been two months since the last entry. You’d think there would be a lot to say, yet there is conflict as to what is worth saying. As this is a Pandemic’s journal, we’ll stick to the subject at hand. It has been drowned and buried as of late, yet holds its ground as the guiding force for this particular narrative. The masks, accusations, unemployment, violence, illness and fear plow ahead through our days, regardless of accuracy of numbers or of reports we are hearing.

A friend of mine, originally from a country in Southeast Europe, runs a small business in the Chicago area. In order to safely open, she had a family member ship her Hydroxychloroquine to take prophylactic-ally. It is sold over the counter in her country of origin, but she can’t get it here unless she is hospitalized. She is Democrat and will vote that way. Her words: “They don’t care about us. …

So, we take another spin on the “rona-coaster” this week, with thrills, excitement, shock and disappointment by the time it slows to a halt. All four arrived on July 27th, 2020 on board the live stream of (this video), America’s Frontline Doctors, as it was first removed from every social media platform, and subsequently attacked or ignored by all of mainstream media. “Me thinks thou dost protest too much”, is the conclusion reached here. The question is, inevitably, “why?”

I urge you to watch these Frontline Doctors if you haven’t already. What they are saying is potentially great news for our health and the health of our economy and lifestyle. It apparently is not good news for those with the power to decide what it is we “can” see. It is almost as if a conclusion has already been made here. …

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We’ll pick up on last week’s article, with a few pieces of information either found, supplied by friends, readers or the US President.

This week President Trump wore a mask while visiting a hospital. “many people say that it is Patriotic to wear a face mask when you can’t socially distance. There is nobody more Patriotic than me, your favorite President!” This is an exact quote. Various channels then reported that he recommended wearing a mask, yet, that’s not precisely what he said.

And this move of masking has confused people. He has not worn one until now. What changed? Q folks will tell you it’s a chess move. Two friends of mine, who are required to wear masks at work, spent ten minutes showing me evidence of how they don’t work. They mentioned how the President now seems to be advocating them, which frustrates them. One of these women would not return to work at first, in March, out of fear of contagion. She has completely turned around. These women deal with the public every single day, and they feel this mask requirement is a folly. They see the masks as intrusive, adding to their stress, and an effort at control rather than health maintenance. …

After a good deal of research, using reports from the CDC*, the WHO*, and John’s Hopkins University*, some conclusions have been drawn. They are backed up with numbers, so one must conclude that they are only as good as those numbers are accurate. Yet they’re all that we have and as critical thinking, reasoning human beings, we must go forward and attempt to make sense of a world gone seemingly mad. All resources and numbers will be footnoted*. Articles discussing the numbers and what they indicate were not utilized, just the numbers as reported.

In the third week of January of this 2020 year, the CDC reported that based on its current data for influenza, it “wouldn’t be a bad year”. It would run its course with a hospitalization rate of .009 and a case fatality rate of .0005. All of this, after a global case rate of .0017. Global case rate refers to the number of people who contract influenza as related to the number of people alive globally. If you take the case rate and multiply it by the population, you’ll end up with the number of people they expected to have contract influenza. This is roughly 13 million people. …

Australia Public Housing Boarded up — Food delivery

Expressing the full flavor of what churns within is not possible. So, there will be morsels offered here. Perhaps they will entice you to take it all in and in turn, share. For together we appreciate these items on 2020’s menu, and collectively we add our unique flavor, re-mixing the ingredients and re-imagining our banquet. What a feast it is.

Despite the assorted “rules” prohibiting them, there were fireworks everywhere in the USA last weekend. LA county looked like this: (click here) Our neighborhood was lit up all night, which we’ve never seen. Our cat was beside himself. My friends were recording a video from the East Coast USA and it was the same party going on there, loud and clear and constant. …

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Clouds are rolling in, reminding me of the beer virus. Writing this on the deck, which was sunny and slightly breezy just moments ago, this afternoon is becoming something other than what it once was. Or is it? An unexpected clap of thunder announces an invisible storm. The wind picks up and with it, tension attempts its arrival. The birds have gone silent. All save our parakeets, who sing from the shelter of our front room.

Darkish clouds float directly overhead now. I wonder if they’ll move on without unleashing their plentiful rain. The air and sunshine are too glorious to force me to leave just yet, so here I’ll remain. …

So, another week passes, and we now head full steam into some major planetary/celestial events, happening this weekend. There is the Solstice on the 20th, a Solar Eclipse on the 21st, and the first campaign rally for the re-election of President Trump (since the Pandemic), also on the 20th. These are powerful “coincidences”.

It is being reported that near to a million tickets have been requested for this rally in Tulsa Oklahoma. One million Americans. Without fact checking, this sounds unprecedented. We are a people yearning for something to stand behind. Something to believe in. Something to trust. …



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