This comes from my heart. If it helps you, please pass it on. We need each other now more than we ever have.

I want to talk about fear, how it has gripped us while we were looking elsewhere and wreaked unacknowledged damage on our hearts and in our families. It is the only enemy. It is the real global catastrophe.

A friend has asked me to talk about fear. Many of you have written to warn me about volumes of different fearful topics; indeed, there is no shortage of them. With an inbox flooded, and as I attempt to…

Herd, is, by definition:

…a typically large group of animals of one kind kept together under human control — a herd of cattle

…a congregation of gregarious* wild animals

*tending to associate with others of one’s kind : SOCIAL

…a herd is a social group of certain animals of the same species, either wild or domestic. The form of collective animal behavior associated with this is referred to as herding. The term herd is generally applied to mammals.

a number of animals kept, feeding, or traveling together.

sometimes disparaging — a large group of people.

And from the online etymology…

Within the last two weeks or so, my eyes are not seeing things with the same clarity with which they once did. It’s been a sudden shift, alarming even. Without warning and overnight, things are not clear. Some friends are reporting that the same is true for them. How about you? Have you noticed your eyesight change? We’re seeing in another frequency now, or attempting to, with our 3D eyes. The world changes while we are walking on her. Things are a bit blurry — “readers” are necessary at times. What is going on?

Other things are also looking blurry…

Handcuffs chain together two shackles; fear and control. They are interchangeable and bound. We stand at a moment of self-definition. We will not be shackled, yet until and unless we see our chains, we will not stand without them.

Clarity of vision is called for. There is no eye test for this one, folks, it is internally determined. Notice the fear and how it calls out for control in order to be quelled. Notice the control and how it locks out the possibility of freedom for either shackle/either side of the chain. …

First and most important; I love you with all that I have.

As we separately peer into what looks diametrically opposed, let’s review what we do agree on. Our connection matters. The care and feeding of relationship require contact and time and listening and compassion and effort. Freedom. The environment. Nutrition. Conversation. Humanity. Truth. Music. Passion. Art. Curiosity. Discovery. Family. All forms of life. Service to others.

When you were little, we wanted just a few things for you. These were health, happiness, fulfillment, the ability to explore your passion and brilliance, love for each other, the desire to seek…

We’ve made it to election day in the USA. We are up to the counting part.

Here’s why I voted the way I did. In 2016 I did not vote for either major party, feeling that the choices in either of those camps were either criminal or a joke. In 2020 it feels as if the major party choices were either criminal (again/still) or hope for something completely different. I am a sucker for hope. I even have the t-shirt. (Obama ’08).

The fact that, as a card-carrying Democrat, I’ve pretty consistently voted “Liberal”, only made this election more stressful…

“Corona-Daze” — A Pandemic’s Journal.17 & End.

So, I want to write about the virus one more time, and this blog will end once I do. Not that the virus has been eradicated, but rather that any helpful input has. As winter approaches, accompanied this year with the much prophesied “second wave”, a conclusion of sorts has been reached by this writer.

What informs this opinion piece? This doctor’s warning regarding vaccines (click here). As well as this (click here) from Principia Scientific International; “Even the CDC now admits no ‘gold standard’ of Covid19 Virus Isolate. For the supporting CDC…

When the last journal entry was published, on September 30th, it was prior to the US President being diagnosed with the virus and subsequently hospitalized. That was 7 days ago. He’s now back at the White House and reporting that he feels better than he has in 20 years. He is saying do not be afraid of this virus. His speedy recovery adds weight to that statement.

Yet, there are media reports from some outlets and/or countries shouting the opposite; “be afraid, be very afraid”. Here’s an interesting report concerning announcements in the UK (click here), and what they seem…

It’s been two months since the last entry. You’d think there would be a lot to say, yet there is conflict as to what is worth saying. As this is a Pandemic’s journal, we’ll stick to the subject at hand. It has been drowned and buried as of late, yet holds its ground as the guiding force for this particular narrative. The masks, accusations, unemployment, violence, illness and fear plow ahead through our days, regardless of accuracy of numbers or of reports we are hearing.

A friend of mine, originally from a country in Southeast Europe, runs a small business…

So, we take another spin on the “rona-coaster” this week, with thrills, excitement, shock and disappointment by the time it slows to a halt. All four arrived on July 27th, 2020 on board the live stream of (this video), America’s Frontline Doctors, as it was first removed from every social media platform, and subsequently attacked or ignored by all of mainstream media. “Me thinks thou dost protest too much”, is the conclusion reached here. The question is, inevitably, “why?”

I urge you to watch these Frontline Doctors if you haven’t already. What they are saying is potentially great news for…


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